Irani chai-biscuits cronicle

It was a not-so-typical hyderabadi climate here in the opening days of April. Evening summer rains in Hyderabad are rarer than the desert rains. At around 5 pm,dark clouds attacked from all sides over my head as I was walking down the aisle beside my apartment to reach the main street. I didn’t think about changing my plans and return to the room for the nature’s unexpected mood swings as I heard it’s always refreshing and comforting to drench in the evening rains of the summer. Another reason I din’t change my mind was that my plan was nothing but to change my mood and I should thank nature for giving another option as evening summer rains for alleviating my discomfort. Anyways I walked along the main street and crossed at least 6 CCTV cameras to reach the small cafe beside the main road. Before thinking twice I ordered one tea and 3 osmania biscuits before sosmaniaearching a stool for settling down and enjoying the next 5-6 minutes. In hyderabad, the so-called reputable “irani chai” comes to your hand on a typical cup-pyali set mostly of white colour. For history, irani chai came to un-divided India  in around 19th century by the irani immigrants. It’s a tea but having different procedure to make it more smooth and a lusty colour to fall for it. For me that pyali(plate) serves as a carrier for the 3 osmania biscuits I enjoy with my tea. After settling on a stool, i took the 1st biscuit and dipped it inside the tea for just half-a-second( else it will lose from  gravity and drowned in the hot liquid) and took the first bite. Believe me it’s the best feeling you get after a tiring and stressful day. The taste of that biscuit blended with the tea is one of the cheapest antidepressants available in the market now a days. The smell of that whole mixture when travels through your nostrils to the body will re-excite your cells and nerves. And once you finish three biscuits and with the tea, you will get refreshed and energized again for the rest of the day.

Wish you a happy tea-break.



“Pen is mightier than sword” 

I wish someday I could write stuffs which will have some impact on the readers’ mind.